What is This About?

My name is Hayley and I have a running problem. I love to run, but sometimes I need a boost.

Enter: My Marathon Buddy

My Marathon Buddy is a web app that provides encouragement during your toughest runs.

Here is How:

  1. Start Small! Get a compliment from me by clicking here and filling out the form!
  2. Now you have my twilio number. This is important.
  3. Feel free to text that number if you ever need encouragement while out on the run. If you send a text to that number, you will get an encouraging text in return.
  4. Please contribute! On the homepage there is a form you can fill out to add your own encouragements.
  5. This website is also going to serve as a diary of all my running events. You can see my list of races here.

Feel Free to Contact Me: @hayleydenb